Playing a crucial role, it serves as the backbone of the electronics and telecommunications industry. Innovations in semiconductor technology enhance performance and integration, optimizing energy consumption of electronic devices.
Semiconductor business activities drive innovation in the electronics and telecommunications industry. The semiconductor industry is globalized and leads technological advancement with an increasing market demand for intricate microchips. Faced with opportunities and challenges, Vietnam is rapidly investing in research and development in the semiconductor business sector.


Enhancing the semiconductor workforce
Recognizing the scarcity of semiconductor talent, NATRA leverages a network of leading semiconductor experts from international research institutes, universities, and global electronics and telecommunications corporations to support Vietnamese enterprises in training semiconductor engineers.
Vietnam’s semiconductor workforce is increasingly skilled, particularly in chip design and circuit design. This underscores the intelligence of the Vietnamese people on the global stage and creates favorable conditions for international companies to engage in long-term electronic technology production and business activities in Vietnam.
With capability, ambition, and breakthrough creativity in thinking, the young generation of Vietnam will become the leader of the success of the semiconductor industry of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution in the future.
Consultancy on cooperation
    • Promoting trade and investment cooperation from multinational semiconductor agencies, organizations, and associations
    • Searching, connecting, and collaborating with leading experts in semiconductor workforce training, providing solutions for organizations, enterprises, and global electronics and telecommunications corporations
    • Expanding and establishing a presence in the Vietnamese market for multinational corporations, organizations, and enterprises manufacturing electronic components, computers, and high-tech equipment…

In the context of a competitive technology market, the semiconductor industry continues to experience strong growth this year. IoT is expected to be the future of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The rapid increase in demand for semiconductor manufacturing, funded by multinational corporations, agencies, international organizations, and IoT, is notable. Experienced experts enhance the connectivity and interaction capabilities between semiconductor devices and objects through the internet. IoT technology creates an automated network, optimizing operations in the semiconductor industry.