In the period 2023-2025, NATRA provides comprehensive solutions for Vietnamese and international businesses in developing multi-sector investment projects that align with the economic and cultural context of Vietnam, aiming to promote sustainable development and optimize investment costs.



NATRA is a strategic consulting and comprehensive solution provider for businesses engaged in investment activities in Vietnam. NATRA operates in multiple sectors, focusing on the development of projects related to Digital Transformation in the Education and Transportation industries; developing the semiconductor industry workforce; promoting commercial promotion activities and multilateral cooperation between Vietnam and other countries.
NATRA brings opportunities for businesses to collaborate and develop action plans aligned with the business direction and vision of each enterprise, fitting into the economic and cultural landscape of Vietnam, thereby creating significant value for the community.


Core Values

    • Opportunities for multilateral cooperation between domestic and international enterprises
    • Accompanying with providing comprehensive professional solutions to elevate value
    • Optimally managing resources to cost-effectively prioritize business interests.
    • Enhancing productivity for enterprises
    • Global network of expert partners
    • Optimizing strategies, execution, and management efficiency.
    • Breaking through with innovative and highly effective achievements
    • Creating an ideal work environment, attracting and retaining talents
    • Spreading sustainable values for businesses and society.