In the backdrop of a market economy undergoing significant reforms, Vietnam shines as a beacon, attracting investments from both domestic conglomerates and international corporations. NATRA’s economic experts and investors continuously study the market, grasp economic and political reforms firmly, and provide clear and effective investment advice to individuals and organizations.
    • Investment advisory
    • Foreign investment consultancy into Vietnam
    • Consultancy on establishing companies with foreign investment capital
    • Investment capital sourcing from NATRA
NATRA prides itself on consistently delivering the best investment solutions, leading the provision of consultancy services for foreign companies entering Vietnam. The Vietnamese market is brimming with potential and allure due to its cost-effective labor, youthful workforce, skilled labor, enthusiasm, favorable geographical location, and notably, its relaxed legal procedures, which conform to modern investment standards and easily adapt to investors’ needs.
    • Market Analysis and Investment Opportunities: Conduct comprehensive market research and analysis to identify potential sectors with high-profit investment opportunities.
    • Investment Planning: Develop strategic plans by defining objectives, vision, quantification, and optimal capital allocation to maximize resources.
    • Risk Analysis and Evaluation: Utilize collected data and logical analysis methods to assess risks and benefits of investment projects, guiding clients towards informed decisions.
    • Investment Project Management: Provide integrated advice on digital transformation and technology application to manage projects from asset allocation to monitoring and progress reporting.

In addition, NATRA itself is also a professional investor. We have succeeded in hundreds of large multi-disciplinary projects, such as: Pilot smart school education digital transformation project at Hanoi High School with strategic partners Samsung and Google For Education, An Thoi – Kien Giang port marine transportation project, Smart seaport project, Natra Clover Camp project – Extracurricular education for students, Semiconductor human resource development project…


Efficiently advise and support the implementation of sales channels and distribution both domestically and internationally.

Quickly mobilize necessary resources to meet the desired timelines of enterprises.

Possess profound understanding of economic, cultural, and political conditions, laying a professional foundation to support market development activities.

Continuously update governmental policies and provide tailored deployment advice aligned with core investment activities.