In an era of economic boom marked by government liberalization policies, Vietnam swiftly advances international trade promotion initiatives and boosts import-export activities towards global commercial markets.
NATRA connects a network of experienced economic experts and investors with domestic enterprises to provide initiatives, proposals, and solutions conducive to facilitating partnerships between domestic companies and leading global corporations across various sectors and industries. This is achieved through seminars, conferences, events, and international trade fairs.
Amidst the challenges and opportunities in a highly competitive market, NATRA pledges to accompany and offer tailored development strategies suitable for the specificities of enterprises, organizations, associations, and conglomerates in Vietnam. Through international cooperation endeavors, domestic enterprises will acquire knowledge, accumulate experience, apply digital transformation, and harness multidisciplinary scientific and technological development, notably aiding in attracting foreign investment and augmenting economic and social development resources.
Collaboration with international organizations serves as a practical bridge, offering golden opportunities for Vietnamese agencies and enterprises to develop the domestic market while contributing to the advancement of international economic integration.


Efficiently advise and support the implementation of sales channels and distribution both domestically and internationally.

Quickly mobilize necessary resources to meet the desired timelines of enterprises.

Possess profound understanding of economic, cultural, and political conditions, laying a professional foundation to support market development activities.

Continuously update governmental policies and provide tailored deployment advice aligned with core investment activities.