NATRA supports and collaborates with financial institutions and legal advisory organizations to address financial challenges and handle difficulties across various business financial segments in many fields, including licensing and regulatory oversight, financial technology (fintech), regulatory reform, risk management, including digital assets, tax structures, business mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, intellectual property ownership, technology, insurance, real estate portfolio management, pension schemes, and dispute resolution.
The core objective is to minimize cash flow and capital risks from investment funds, businesses, domestic and international organizations, and companies.
The application of digital transformation represents a breakthrough in financial management. NATRA supports enterprises in managing risks, minimizing operational costs, and providing clear, practical, and innovative solutions. These solutions help estimate and control risks that could impact business performance, ensuring stable and sustainable operations.
NATRA assists agencies, organizations, and businesses in developing risk management skills to promote their strategic goals and protect the enduring value of the company while optimizing operational costs. As a reliable partner to management teams, including the Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and other key operational directors, NATRA ensures comprehensive support in risk management efforts.
In the course of operations, managing credit risk is always a complex and significant challenge for every enterprise, especially in a fluctuating market environment. NATRA provides clients with credit risk management across the entire value chain, including credit portfolio management.
NATRA collaborates with banks and financial institutions to support businesses in preserving asset value and securing safe, profitable investments.
Market Risk Management: NATRA assists businesses in verifying and assessing market potential and mitigating potential risks arising from market fluctuations.
Transaction Risk Management: NATRA provides hedging strategies and promotes market transaction opportunities, helping businesses seize profitable opportunities while minimizing the negative impacts of market volatility.
Leveraging its network with banks, insurance companies, financial firms, and government regulatory agencies, NATRA continuously updates the latest government mechanisms, policies, and circulars to:
  • Provide guidance and optimal solutions for operations and transactions in compliance with the latest regulations.
  • Address and resolve emerging risks and outstanding issues related to these changes.
  • Develop and implement operational plans according to newly issued regulations and circulars.