Education is one of the key areas of direct investment focus for NATRA, primarily through the form of Edutourism, with a strong emphasis on actively acquiring life skills through fun and experiential activities. The program is designed for children aged 9-15.

For students aged 16 and above, NATRA collaborates with domestic and international universities to implement educational journeys that integrate practical business exploration, career guidance, and support in identifying and pursuing study abroad opportunities..

Extracurricular Education

Developing life skills for children aged 9-15, under the name NATRA Clover Camp.

Cultural Exchange

Create opportunities for students to engage with the local culture and economy through educational travel experiences.

Overseas Study Consulting

Companion, search, and seize multi-national study opportunities worldwide.

NATRA designs experiential journeys, focusing on harnessing the unique local elements, promoting local economies by leveraging existing values for tourism, and delivering unforgettable experiences to customers. The first locations chosen are Phu Quoc and Hanoi.

With the ability to swiftly provide resources from the Research & Development phase to Production and Commerce, NATRA consistently supports ‘Make in Vietnam’ technology projects and engages in direct investment activities through various methods, aiming to achieve synergistic value propositions and deliver maximum efficiency.

  • Research & development
  • Manufacture & Technology transfer
  • Multichannel Distribution & Commerce