The advantage of NATRA lies in its profound expertise and practical experience derived from seasoned high-level advisors and experts who provide counsel to governmental bodies, organizations, and enterprises, spanning from overarching strategic planning to implementation, restructuring, goal setting, and business vision alignment tailored to the dynamic Vietnamese market. They identify risks and foster sustainable development throughout business operations.
NATRA’s team of experts delivers comprehensive solutions tailored to each specific industry, meticulously preparing for the digital transformation journey of enterprises every step of the way.
1. Goal Setting: Gather leadership expectations and current organizational structure status to establish specific, clear goals aligned with the unique needs of the enterprise.
2. Research, Analysis & Data Evaluation: Compile historical operational data to analyze and assess a favorable outlook on the current state of the enterprise, lingering challenges, and unresolved organizational issues.
3. Planning & Strategy Development: Develop plans and strategies for each stage of development, ensuring consistency with departmental requirements and industry specifics.
4. Action Implementation: Support the execution of specific tasks as agreed upon from the outset, monitor progress, manage risks, and ensure plan adherence.
5. Management, Measurement & Evaluation: Continuously monitor management to ensure smooth implementation progress, achieve KPIs and set objectives, gather data on metrics, and conduct evaluations.
Specialized Consulting Areas:
    • Corporate Restructuring Consultation
    • Enterprise Resource Planning and Analysis
    • Project Development Consultation
    • Financial Consulting
    • Technology and Digital Transformation Consulting
    • Management Consulting
    • Marketing and Sales Consulting
    • Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting
    • Taxation and Legal Consultation
    • Operational Consultation
    • Transaction Consulting
With extensive experience advising on numerous projects for various enterprises, NATRA provides comprehensive support throughout the entire project lifecycle. From initial planning and project design to practical implementation, management, evaluation, and analysis of achieved indicators post-project, our aim is to fulfill predetermined objectives and desired project outcomes.


Efficiently advise and support the implementation of sales channels and distribution both domestically and internationally.

Quickly mobilize necessary resources to meet the desired timelines of enterprises.

Possess profound understanding of economic, cultural, and political conditions, laying a professional foundation to support market development activities.

Continuously update governmental policies and provide tailored deployment advice aligned with core investment activities.